The M Family


Jun 7, 2016

The white 15 passenger van pulled into the park, and I thought, “It’s go time!” 

Eight kids, this family has eight kids, and I agreed to photograph them all. At. one. time. What was I thinking? Oh, and by they way, they were going to bring their very large dog.**

Once they all piled out of that big van, my fears were allayed. They way they love each other is deep and palatable. The big brother and father who snuggled their faces close to get that goofy grin out of baby sister.  The little brother who gives big brother a bear hug, and (gasp!) teenagers who don’t mind showing affection to their parents out in public. 

I’ve decided I’m moving in with them. With all of the people living in their house, I figure they won’t even notice I’m there.

**Note: These are just the M kids that still live at home with mom and dad. They have older siblings who affectionately refer to themselves as “The Originals.”

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