HollyBerry Beauties – Stephanie


Mar 17, 2017

I’m SUPER excited to announce the first of my HollyBerry Beauties sessions!  This idea came to me a few months ago (right in the midst of the holidays). Why not do some sessions with single ladies?  Up until I became a foster parent, that was me. I’m still single, just not totally unattached. 🙂 My idea was to do a series highlighting single women. So often single women miss out on those photographed moments; weddings, family photos with your kids, and vacation photos unless there’s a kind stranger available to take one for you. In essence, singles can become invisible. I wanted to help change that! It must have struck a cord because my calendar filled up in about 24 hours! The first HollyBerry Beauties session was with Stephanie! She’s an early childhood, special education teacher in the Saint Louis Public School District. She’s always wanted to do be a teacher, and is currently in her first year of teaching! Her tattoos make her feel beautiful because they are stories of what tried to hurt her, what she has overcome, and reminders that God is in control even when life feels out of control. It’s my pleasure to introduce Stephanie to you! 

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