Cherry Blossoms : Washington D.C.


Mar 24, 2017

I had an opportunity to go to Washington D.C. for work last week. I have family and friends who live there, and have been tons, but never at this time of year. Since February was so warm it was supposed to be the earliest the cherry blossoms had ever bloomed. The blooms were scheduled to be at their peak the EXACT DAYS I WAS GOING TO BE THERE! HALLELUJAH! Well, it got cold again, and the day I arrived it snowed. Womp. Womp. Womp.

However, I would not be deterred! A friend and I decided to brave the weather and venture out anyway. The cherry blossoms are planted all around the Tidal Basin. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s adjacent to the National Mall, and surrounded by a lot of monuments such as FDR, MLK Jr., George Mason, and the Jefferson Memorial. 

This last photo is what happens when I give someone my camera so I actually have a photo of myself. The only instruction I gave was to say, “Make sure the little red dot (focus point) is on me.” You can see for yourself how well that turned out. 🙂



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