Annie and John | Indian Camp Creek Park Anniversary Photos


Aug 2, 2018

One of my main goals for the rest of 2018, and the launch of the new website is to be more consistent about blogging my sessions, and sharing all the good things happening at HollyBerry Studio. We had the announcement of the discount for weddings booked in August and September just a few days ago, See that post here. and now I’m sharing a recent anniversary session I had.

Annie and John were high school sweethearts. That’s where I met them, too. Actually, our stories go back to middle school. If you’re a St. Louisian, your next question will be ” What high school did you go to?” (Amirite?) We all graduated from McCluer High School class of $#*!. Yeah, I’m not actually going to tell you when we graduated, at least it was post the Y2K scare, but just barely.

It’s kinda funny that we met at school because, when I sent Annie and John my shoot style guide, Annie was a good student, and made sure she let me know she had actually read it! (She sent it to John to read it, too, but it’s yet to be determined if he actually did. :-D) Some of the tips that Annie took away were to get her makeup professionally done, (It looks stunning, doesn’t it!?!?) and to get her nails done. This is especially helpful for those engaged couples where I love to get¬†those sparkly ring shots and all of the hand holding. I love hand holding! (Insert heart eyes emojis.)

What’s great about anniversary sessions, especially ones where the couple has small children, is there pretty much up for anything. Make sure you scroll down to see where I asked them to walk back and forth in the creek, all the while John is wearing his suit. It was totally natural for them. John is such a chill dad. John and Annie have three little cuties that got to have a movie night with grandma, while mom and dad hung out with me, and then had a date night after our session.

Happy tenth anniversary, you two! Here’s to many, many more!

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