Friendsgiving 2018


Dec 20, 2018

My friends Melissa and Corbin really know how to throw a party! We were invited to a day of fun out in the country. Their country house is in the middle of nowhere, a few miles outside of Bourbon, MO. We only had a few days of fall weather here in the midwest (at least that’s how it felt) before it got cold, and somehow Friendsgiving fell on one of those crisp fall days. One great thing about Friendsgiving is that it expands the Thanksgiving holiday into something more like a Thanksgiving season, and who doesn’t need more celebrations in their lives.

Melissa and Corbin are the hostesses of hostesses! Everything was so thoughtfully done. Lots of seating areas where friends could sit down and chat. A fire pit with a basket filled with lots of cozy blankets. Melissa also made the largest pot of mashed potatoes you’ve ever seen in your life. She even hired a petting zoo!!! Tater tot had a blast riding the pony, and took a few turns, and then spent a lot of time trying to feed a leaf to a bunny. Small fry stood in line for the pony, but when it was her turn to ride, she wasn’t interested.

These friends really have become more like family, even though we’ve just met within the last few years. We’ve been bonded by a fierce love for children. There were a lot of people that came that didn’t have children, but were running around, bouncing with them in the bounce house, and giving weary parents breaks from all those trips to the bathroom. We stayed late into the evening, and the children ran around and played in the dark. They weren’t scared because they were just having fun with friends. It was such a relaxing, enjoyable evening, and I’m advocating they keep the tradition going!

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