A January Snow Day


Jan 16, 2019

Friday afternoon, I  flew from sunny San Diego into a winter snow storm with about 12 inches of snow! A normal person would probably be bummed by that, but not me! I love the snow. Because of the impending storm, I actually got to leave training early, and pick up Tater Tot and Small Fry from grandma and grandpa’s house earlier. Oh yeah! It was pretty awesome!  love snow! The only thing I love more than snow is a lot of snow.

It started snowing around noon on Friday and continued snowing through the night. It let up on Saturday, but was forecast to snow all weekend. Thankfully, the snow on Saturday was light enough that we were able to play! Our neighbors have a great little hill just perfect for younger kids! What is it that is so  darn cute about little kids all bundled up in the snow?!?!?  Small Fry was not so sure about all of this.  It’s hard to walk in a foot of snow when you’re only 3 ft tall! I think it only snowed one time last winter, so she may not even remember seeing snow before.

We actually had a snow day on my birthday back in November, and it was the best present I could have ever asked for. I have these big cypress trees in my backyard that I can see out of my kitchen window. I love standing at the sink with a cup of coffee watching the snow falling onto those trees.

My girls aren’t really fans of being cold, so when our neighbors invited them in for hot chocolate, they done for the afternoon. We didn’t get to making our snowman until Sunday, and didn’t get finished before they had had enough of the chill.

Make sure to scroll to the end to see the small fry licking our snowman. I asked the girls what we should name it, and my niece said, “Snowman.”

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