HollyBerry Beauties – Amber


May 12, 2017

You know on Facebook where you can pick your relationship status as “It’s complicated.” Well, that’s me and Amber. I met Amber through my sister, who was Amber’s swim coach in High School and our municipal swim league. (Go Fish!) My sister and her family sort of adopted Amber as their own, and my nieces and nephew call her their big sister. (And who wouldn’t want a big sister as cool as Amber? I mean, seriously?!?!) 

But then Amber had to grow up and go off to college at Mizzou, so we don’t get to see her as much as we used to. I don’t think of Amber as an adopted niece, but more as a friend. When Amber was home taking a break from all that learnin’ she’s doing studying Civil and Environmental Engineering and Political Science, (Yikes, my brain hurts from even typing all of that!) we were able to get a session in! 

I asked Amber what makes her feel beautiful, and she said, “when I genuinely belly laugh.” I’m so glad I got to capture some of those laughs, and all of her beauty on camera. 

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