Washington, MO Wedding


Sep 10, 2018

The father of the bride begins his speech. He recites the most important numbers in his life. The date he met his future wife. The date he was married. The date his baby girl was born. Then the date he gave his baby daughter away. He pauses to catch his breath. Then he continues. He continues to tell the crowd about how he watched his daughter fall in love with her husband from his eyes. It was simply one of the sweetest, most tender moments I’ve ever experienced. Glasses are raised and cheers are heard. Then, the band cranks up the volume and this father and daughter have crafted the most intricate dance I’ve ever seen. So much fun to watch! Scroll down to see the joy!

These were shot earlier this summer, when I had the wonderful opportunity to second shoot a wedding with Emily Broadbent Photography in Washington, MO. What an incredible day!

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