Chris and Noel: Downtown St. Louis Anniversary Session

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Mar 18, 2019

Chris and Noel are more family than they are friends. Their kids have grown up calling me Aunt Holly, and now Tater Tot and Small Fry call them Aunt Chrissy and Uncle Noelie. My sister’s claim to fame is that she knew Chris and Noel before they were “Chris and Noel”. They met at Central Missouri State University as undergrads (now called University of Central Missouri), and they’ll be celebrating their 15 year anniversary this summer!

Chris is such a fun-loving lady. One of my most fond memories was when Chris hosted a Christmas party a few years ago. It was not too long after the Minute to Win-It game show first aired. All of the activities were games from the show. Can ‘t you just picture a room full of people trying to get the cotton balls out of the Kleenex boxes strapped around their waists by shaking their booties as fast as possible?

Chris is also the only one who can get me to do a dance class. I’m so uncoordinated, so they never really appeal to me. Buuuuut, if Chris is teaching a Zumba class, then that’s the only encouragement I need. She makes it so fun, and I don’t feel like a complete spaz.

Noel is such a laid-back guy with this immense cool factor. It’s like if you’re friends with him, your social status immediately bumps up a few factors. Plus, he’s super smart about computer technical stuff. (Note my use of the word stuff. I’m obviously on the cutting edge of technology.)

This shoot happened kind of as a fluke. I had one of my couples book an engagement session, and due to a major illness in the family had to cancel. So there I was with a permit to shoot at the St. Louis Public Library, and no couple. I put out a feeler on all of my social media accounts to see if anyone was free at the last minute to take the spot. Within an hour, I got a text from Chris scooping it up!

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