Josie is 5!

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Mar 25, 2019

My niece, Josie, is 5! JoJo Bear, as we affectionately call her, is just a bundle of giggles and sunshine,  and has the biggest heart. She is also super smart, and I can’t believe I’ve had the privilege of watching her grow for five years!

She has the best sense of humor, so I thought it would be a good idea to try and interview her. That didn’t exactly pan out how I was expecting. When I called her last night, she was right in the middle of playing Fortnite with her big brother.

The Interview:

Holly: “What’s your favorite season?”

Josie: “Summer, because you can go swimming at the beach, and I like the beach.”


H: “What’s your favorite Disney movie?”

J: “Frozen, because I like Elsa.”

H: “Why do you like her?”

J: “Because I like her.”




H: “What’s your favorite song?

J: “The Hokey Pokey”


H: “What’s your favorite TV show?”

J: “Fun-o-vision. They do silly stuff.”


J: “Can you please stop talking? IT’S TOO MUCH TALKING.”




Some of the things I love about Josie: She likes what she likes, and she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks of it. She prefers jammies to wearing clothes AT ALL TIMES. Whenever she comes over for a sleepover, about 10 minutes into being at my house she’ll say, “Aunt Holly, can I put my jammies on?” (The answer is always yes, because who doesn’t love being comfy?!?!)


She’s Tater Tot’s best friend. I never grew up with cousins who were close in age, so I love watching this friend/sister-like/cousin friendship grow.  They’re only a few months apart in age, and the ultimate partners in crime. She’s introduced my kids to Shopkins, LOL dolls, blind bags, and I’m certain my girls’ love for unicorns stemmed from Josie’s love for them too. Just last week we took a trip to the Magic House, and I promised the girls that we could get ice cream on the way home. Josie got hers in a cone, so of course my girls had to do the same.


Josie is always ready to sing a song or dance. She always makes me smile and laugh. I love having her around because the world is a happier place when she is near.


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